Sunday, April 10, 2016

We got the beat.

Anytime changes must be made within a project, it is important to assess the possible reasons behind change and use that knowledge to shape any further work. While I am excited by the work others are able to do, I needed to acknowledge my current limitations and devise a plan that will work with what I know and how it can be applied to the art I am making. Light and transparency have been at the core of much of the work I have been creating, so I decided to experiment with some acrylic and the kiln.

After creating several different forms, I chose the one that best resembles the flow of sound and light. I built a simple box form that will eventually house my electronics and showcase the ellegant form.

Since I knew I did not want the electronic portion of the sculpture to be seen, other than the light from the LEDs, I sandblasted the acrylic to give it a frosted look.

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