Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Time for DIO.r

I knew if I were to build a contraption that makes rainbows, I needed to pay tribute to the man who sang about them, Ronnie James Dio. Also, it is at this point where much of the machine was approaching finished.

Taking Shape

I begin to work a plan to house all my wires and behind the scenes action.

If only I planned better and kept to it, my work could be much better. Sometimes I'm shocked at the results I get in such short periods.

Supplies and ideas!

After a trip to American Science and Surplus in which I bought I variety of bearings, I new I had to approach the design comparable to a turntable. With the prisms lying flat and the light shining directly on. After a few minutes on Amazon, I found some more ingredients.

Rainbow (in the dark) Maker

While normally I try to have my work rooted in concept, sometimes it's good to just have fun. This was going to be the approach for my final project. One, I wanted to challenge myself with my project, and second, I wanted it to be fun. What is more funny than Ronnie James Dio and a rainbow maker? Nothing. Can I make a rainbow machine. My initial designs involved single prisms and lenses. In no time realized that was not going to work. I had to find some...